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Use limitation for Carbon Wheels

Standard carbon wheels are designed for light weight and high performance use. The overwhelming majority of high performance cyclist are light weight people, accordingly carbon wheels are not designed for heavy riders and therefore have a weight limit rating on them:
- Carbon wheel with a profile below 45mm: 90Kg (total weight of rider, bicycle and equipment)
-   Carbon wheel with a profile of 45mm and above: 100Kg (total weight of rider, bicycle and equipment)
-    Carbon wheels are not designed for tandem bicycle use.
If you are a heavier rider, intend to carry significant load on your bicycle, intend to make significant jumps, ride downhill off road, or the wheels are intended for a tandem, standard competitive lightweight carbon wheels are likely not adapted for your intended use.   Please contact us so we can propose wheels that are properly designed for your use profile.

Air Pressure and Braking

Carbon wheels with rim brakes generate significant heat from braking.  Epoxy resins used in carbon composite are less temperature resistant than aluminium. The heat does not dissipate as well as with aluminium rims.  These facts create limitations with regards to braking and air pressure in the use of carbon rims.

  • For clincher and tubeless tires, the maximum inflating pressure of a cold tire and rim is 8 bars or 116 psi.

  • For tubular tires, the maximum pressure should be the maximum pressure recommended by the manufacturer minus 10%.  Please follow the glueing instructions and use the glueing materials recommended by the tubular manufacturer.

Important Note: Carbon rims are designed for experienced riders who usually descend fast with minimal braking.  Again, if you are a heavy rider, if you intend to carry load, or if are an inexperienced rider who feels the need to brake continuously on long descents to control your speed, you SHOULD NOT be using carbon rims with rim brakes as overheating may lead to tire blow ups and carbon rims will not withstand the heat from prolonged braking under load.

Warranty Policy

The general warranty policy of ROI Cycles is for 12 months from the date of purchase to the person that made the original purchase and holding the original invoice.
The warranty covers any manufacturing or assembly defect but not wear and tear generated by normal use.
ROI Cycles will either repair or replace the defective product at its sole discretion.

Talk to us, we are here to help

Please read our blogs regarding wheels, explanations behind technology choices and recommendations.
In case you need to make choices or you face technical issues, do not hesitate to contact us for support, even if your case is not a typical warranty case but the damage comes from wear or a crash.  Even if you are trying to decide if an existing wheel set can be serviced or repaired.  With ROI Cycles you are dealing with someone that can take a wheel apart and rebuild it and in most cases wheels can be serviced and brought back to satisfactory use with a change of some components whether it is cartridge bearings, broken spokes or bent rims.