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26mm Deep Light Aluminum wheels.


A light set of training or racing wheels.  You may want them as a light set of training wheels to preserve your precious carbon wheels and save them for race day, or simply you may like the reliability, simplicity of use and excellent braking characteristics of aluminium rims. 


At 1460 grams per pair in clincher and tubeless compatible rims, this wheelset will not weigh you down. It compares well in weight with some of the best aluminum wheelsets from the big brands and well as with many 38 or 40mm deep carbon clincher wheelsets.


It is also a dramatic upgrade without breaking the bank from the heavy (well over 1800 grams), and entry-level OEM wheelsets (like Mavic Aksiums or Shimano RS11) that too often make otherwise good medium level bikes feel sluggish...


26mm rim depth provides some slight aero benefit compared to traditional box rims. 24mm external width and 19mm internal width for optimal profile with wider (25 to 28mm) modern clincher or tubeless tires for more comfort and more road grip.


Aluminium brake track delivers well know reliable braking performance.


Top-Notch Sapim CX-Ray light and aero spokes (0.9mm deep, 2mm wide, 4.3 gram each with 0.4 gram 7075 alloy nipples).  Arguably the best spoke in the industry (used by Zipp and other big brands)


260grams/pair Ultralight Bitex hubset 

66 grams RAF10 front hub with 20 radial spokes.

194 grams RAR9 rear hub with 24 spokes 2-cross


Freehub (all standards): 

Patented 6 pawls freehub working in two pairs for 48 engagement points per revolution. 

- Shimano HG 10/11 (with anti-bite stainless steel strip to protect the alloy freehub)

- SRAM XD (for 11 road and 11/12 MTB cassettes)

- SRAM XDR (for 12 speed AXS road and XLPR Gravel)

- Campagnolo 9, 10, 11, and 12 speed


Contact us if you would like to only buy a front or a rear wheel.  We can do that.

26mm Deep Clincher/Tubeless Aluminum Wheels

Excluding Sales Tax |

    - Front: 20 radial spokes

    - Rear: 12 spokes at 2-cross on drive side, 12spokes at 2-cross on non drive side

    - Offset rear rim for better balance of spoke tension between drive and non-drive side

    - Modern carbon wheels and frames should be best used with 25 to 28mm tires or tubulars


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