45mm Deep Light Aero Carbon wheels for Disk brakes

1480 grams per pair in clincher/tubeless compatible rims.

The best all-round carbon wheel depth, 45mm depth that gives a strong mechanical structure for the rim for excellent stiffness, gets a large portion of the maximum potential aero benefits without hardly any weight penalty or side wind sensitivity. 


355grams/pair Centerlock Bitex hubset 

125 grams B106F Centerlock front hub with 24 2-cross spokes.

230 grams B106R Centerlock rear hub with 24 2-cross spokes, patented 6 pawls freehub working in two pairs for 48 engagement points per revolution for quick traction out of turns, and patented anti-bite stainless steel strip on Shimano compatible freehubs so the cassette will not dig into the alloy freehub.

Top Notch Sapim CX-Ray light and aero spokes (0.9mm deep, 2mm wide, 4.3 gram each with 0.4 gram 7075 alloy nipples).  Arguably the best spoke in the industry (used by Zipp and other big brands)

45mm rim depth with U-shape aero profile (28mm wide, 21mm internal width)

for optimal profile with wider tires (25 to 28mm) for more comfort and more road grip.  Also allows the use of wider 30 to 33mm tires on all-road and cross country bikes with enough frame clearance. No spoke holes on the tire side for uncut carbon fibers delivering a stronger rim and no need for tubeless tape for a lighter set-up.

These are new generation disk specific rims that are lighter than the earlier generations that were rim brake rims modified after the fact by omitting the brake track. UD fiber rim surface


Available with the four industry freehub standards for the three main types of cassettes: Standard Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo compatible or SRAM XD and XRD (12 speed road). Please specify on order, if you want something other than the default Shimano compatible freehub.


Our clincher rims are tubeless compatible.  This means that you can use them both with standard clincher tire with butyl or latex inner tubes (unlike carbon clincher with rim brakes) and with the new generation of tubeless tires (without inner tube).  Tubeless tires will provide a lighter set-up, lower rolling resistance, reduced risk of puncture and pinch flats and can allow you to use slightly lower pressure for increased comfort.  


Contact us if you would like to only buy a front or a rear wheel or if you would like to mix different depths front and rear wheel.  We can do that.

45mm Deep Disk Clincher/Tubeless Carbon Wheels


    - Front: 24 spokes 2-cross

    - Rear: 12 spokes at 2-cross on drive side and non-drive side