Bitex BX106F Front Hub

Bitex BX106F Front Hub

Bitex BX106F Front hub

125 grams 

24 holes

Centerlock disk interface

Flanges for J-Bend spokes

For 100x12mm through axles

(available for 100mm Quick Release interface upon request)


Contact us if you would like us to replace a wheel for you. We do offer this service.



    24 holes for J-Bend spokes centerlock disk interface



    Original product can be returned for refund 14 days from receipt in the original packaging including all accessories in unused condition.

    The custormer will pay shipping cost for the return.



    Our prices include shipping to most locations but as we cannot predict everything, we reserve the right not to ship and give you a full refund or contact you if we encounter unusual shipping costs or conditions for your location.


    As bicycle lovers, we are an environmentally and cost conscious business and routinely use recycled shipping materials to ship brand new products.  So if you receive a weird looking package (maybe with a well-known bike brand name) it is only because we recycle packaging.  We do not believe you are buying our products to get a nice box nor that more trees should be cut or more oil should be pumped out of the ground for you to get a shiny new box that will most likely become more garbage immediately upon receipt. 


    See our warranty policy section for details including discussion about weight limits.


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