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Bitex BX303 Rear hub, Black, No Logo


225 grams (Shimano HG Model) 


Available in: 

- 24 spokes (16 on drive side, 8 on non-drive side)


Axle options:

- 130mm QR OLD


Available with all industry freehub standards for the following types of cassettes: 

- Shimano HG (10/11 speed) with anti-bite stainless steel strip so the cassette will not dig into the alloy freehub.

- SRAM XD (11 speed)

- SRAM XDR (12 Speed)

- Campagnolo (9, 10, 11 and 12 speed) 

- Shimano Microspline (12 Speed)


Contact us if you would like us to relace a wheel for you. We do offer this service.

Bitex BX303R Straightpull Rear Hub Road Rim Brakes

Excluding Sales Tax |

    - patented 6 pawls freehub working in two pairs for 48 engagement points per revolution for quick traction out of turns

    - With the 2:1 technology using 16 holes on the drive side and 8 radial holes on the non-drive side, a wheel with almost even tension on both sides can be built instead of the very uneven tension generated by the wheel dish on standard wheels with the same number of spokes on both sides. You get the weight and aerodynamics benefits of a low spoke count wheel, with the strength and stiffness of a higher spoke count wheel.


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